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Andria Barrett

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Caregiver & Nutritionist

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With extensive training and experience in theatre, entertainment, sales, and nutrition, Andria brings a mix of humour, warmth, research & entertainment to her audience. As a Nutritionist, she’s on a mission to teach people how to live healthier lives, one bite at a time.  As an entrepreneur, she’s eager to help the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs and shares advice on how to get started.  As a Caregiver, she wants to teach fellow caregivers how to B.A.L.A.N.C.E. She also believes, we all need to “own our personal brand” and teaches everyone from students to entrepreneurs how to “Up their game & stay on top of their Personal Brand”

Andria Barrett is a Speaker, Entrepreneur, Caregiver & Nutritionist specializing in Blood Sugar Balance – a major factor in preventing prediabetes and creating optimal brain health.

She is on a mission to teach people how to balance their blood sugar to prevent Type 2 Diabetes and eat their way to a healthier brain– one bite at a time.  Andria shares her message in seminars, workshops and cooking classes across the city.

Andria also has a message for aspiring entrepreneurs, caregivers and anyone interested in improving their personal brand…and in case you’re wondering, that means you, we all have a personal brand.

Andria Barrett has been presenting, training, delivering workshops and speaking to audiences for years.  She’s traveled across Canada and the US, training and presenting on various topics to students and general audiences.

She currently serves as the President of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, which encourages entrepreneurship in her community.  A former Toronto Argonaut Cheerleader and Dancer, Andria has personally transformed her life through nutrition and exercise, entrepreneurship and by stepping up her personal brand. As the founder and CEO of The Diversity Agency (speaker’s bureau for diverse voices) and The Elder’s Village (non-profit organization that provides companionship and workshops for seniors), Andria is committed to empowering her community.

Andria is also an entrepreneur and the founder of The Diversity Agency, …. a speaker’s bureau for people of diverse backgrounds can share their voice and their impact on schools and corporations.

A Professional Speaker and Trainer, Andria knows how to captivate and inspire audiences and has worked with many diverse audiences ranging from students, faith-based youth groups, seniors, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Whether it’s learning the “Rules to Better Blood Sugar” or “If you don’t brand yourself, someone else will” Andria can speak on a variety of topics on nutrition or the importance of personal branding.   To learn more about Andria’s programs for students, caregivers & aspiring entrepreneurs, check out her programs.

When Andria isn’t traveling and speaking, she calls Toronto, Ontario home.

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